Kolorado Green Line Herbal WC block 51g

Product description

In response to the growing consumer interest in environment friendly products, we decided to create a toilet block that interferes with the natural environment as little as possible and retains the basic functions of WC blocks. The effect of our work is the GREEN LINE WC block in two fragrance versions: Herbal and Floral.

Product Advantages

  • Delicate formula
  • Biodegradable block
  • Free from phosphates
  • Free of allergens (in amount over 0.01%)
  • 100% recycled plastic cage

Logistics table
Type Individual package Carton Pallet
EAN code 5902506011373 5902506011380
Quantity (pcs / set) 1 24 1512
Technical card Internal code: WCRA2GL2
Product brand